Terrible at remembering names? Knowyo can help

Startups solving some of the smallest yet most frequent problems in our lives can often be the most unique and exciting to follow.  It seems like every day I walked across campus during my four years of college and passed someone whose name I forgot.  Whether it was pulling out my phone and pretending to text or replying with the generic yet slightly insulting "Hey, man", I barely found a way to avoid these daily awkward moments that painfully reminded me how bad I was at remembering names.  

Co-founders Sohn and Elie Schoppik might have found the perfect solution for me, and the hopefully millions of others who suck at remembering names, with their startup Knowyo.  Through the process of gamification, Knowyo tests your knowledge of your fellow professional contacts on Linkedin.  After being provided a picture of the contact, users can guess the name, receive a hint, or receive a single letter of the person's name.  The software also tracks your progress and lets you know where you can improve.  Click here for the a quick 5 min demo/pitch with feedback from judges at San Francisco's 2013 Lanuch Festival

Since I no longer have the option to duck into the dining hall or fake speedwalk to a class I'm not even late for, I'll probably use this fun and easy way to remember the names of people in my office I should know and want to know.